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Education Support Programme

: Providing scholarships, school supplies, and tutoring services to ensure girls have access to quality education from primary school to higher levels.

Health and Hygiene Initiatives

Implementing programs that educate girls on reproductive health and hygiene practices, and providing access to healthcare services, including menstrual health support

Skills Training Programmes

Equipping girls with practical skills, such as computer literacy, tailoring, entrepreneurship, and life skills such as financial literacy, problem-solving, and critical thinking to enhance their employability.

Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns

Organising campaigns and events to raise awareness about issues that affect young girls to promote social change.

Community Engagement Projects

Engaging girls in community service projects, enabling them to develop a sense of social responsibility and leadership while making a positive impact on their communities

Mentor Programmes

Establishing networks of mentors to create a supportive community where girls can access ongoing mentorship, support, and networking opportunities.